5 Things you should not do in an interview

1., Turn up late or be too early 

This is a fine balance and one that most people struggle with. Turning up late (even if it is just 2 minutes) is as bad as turning up 15 minutes early. Turning up on time also does not give you a chance to center yourself and mentally get in the zone. Give yourself a few minutes of grace, where you can prepare and center yourself before the interview.  

2., Not doing your research 

Take the time and do your research. You may tick all the boxes when it comes to the skillset required but if you have not done your research then you are wasting your time and the interviewers’ time. Visit the “About Us” section on the company’s website and google business where you can find out what clients and employees are saying about the company. It also is an opportunity for you to prepare some of your own questions. 

3., Lying on your CV 

Things always have a way of coming out so just don’t do it. Most employees are not just looking for the skillset, they are also interested in attitude. So, if there is a skill set that you lack, it is better to keep it out and have a frank conversation with your interviewer about your interest in gaining that experience as part of the role, rather than having to explain yourself once you have the job.  

4., Not listening to the questions being asked (and answering for the sake of answering) 

Do not rush to answer a question especially if you are unsure of the response, take a minute to digest, gather your thoughts and then respond. If you do not know what the answer is, it is OK. It is better to let the interviewer know and ask them to explain what they mean or to repeat the question – just do not ramble on for the sake of answering a question. 

5., Poor body posture 

You have made it to the interview round – congratulations! Now is the time for you to shine, good body posture including shoulders back, eye contact, and a solid handshake will be a great start to any interview.