Development Operations /DevOps/

While the world is impacted and shaped rapidly by the current digital movement, organisations are requiring their technical and technology-focused capabilities to respond rapidly to their business requirements. Of interest is finding ways to increase productivity while also minimising staff and focusing on building operational resilience.

DevOps represents a change in IT culture, focusing on rapid IT service delivery by adopting agile, lean practices in the context of a system-oriented approach. By emphasising people and culture, DevOps improves collaboration between operations and development teams. We do this by using automation tools to leverage an increasing programmable and dynamic infrastructure from a life cycle perspective.

DevOps and its principles are a great solution for bringing development and operation activities together to eliminate silos, automate processes and create a continuous delivery pipeline. This will result in delivering software that is agile, fast, efficient and most importantly safe and secure.

By Introducing DevOps into your organisations, you can benefit from high performance driven teams that:

Have more frequent and targeted code deployments
Are committed to deploying with faster lead times
Minimise incidents and improve the recovery times
Lower change failure rate

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