Modern Slavery Policy

‍Partner Statement

We understand the suffering, anguish, and affliction that modern slavery, human trafficking, and exploitation cause. We recognise all businesses are responsible for being aware of whether modern slavery, human trafficking and exploitation are occurring within their supply chains. 

Talentplicity Consulting takes a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery, human rights violations, and all fraudulent behaviour. This includes not only our organisation but those within our supply chains and our business partners.

Our business

Talentplicity Consulting is an Australian-based business. Our staffing and consulting augmentation business assists government, organisations, and individuals throughout Australia by delivering Human Resource and Employment Relations services and solutions.  
Our supply chains include office-related services (including but not limited to Information Technology, office support, security, and engineering), recruitment and employment agencies and purchasing goods such as IT software and equipment.

We are committed to the utmost ethical and professional standards and comply with all laws, regulations, and rules relevant to the business.

Corporate social responsibility is a part of our culture; our corporate vision focuses on clients, people, and the community. We expect the same level of commitment from our suppliers and business partners. 

Relevant policies

Talentplicity Consulting is committed to ensuring we do not benefit from any external supplier who may engage in human trafficking, slavery, or exploitation.

Our approach

Our working practices respect and uphold the human rights of our partners, employees, and contractors.

We identify risks of modern slavery, human trafficking and exploitation within our business and our supply chain by: 

  • Undertaking due diligence on all relevant suppliers by exploring relevant public business information
  • Refusing to purchase goods or services from companies that do not commit to compliance with the principles set out in the Modern Slavery Act 2018
  • Upholding our Code of Conduct statement which identifies ethical business practices and protocols for our team members.
  • Auditing our suppliers annually to ensure that these suppliers are committed to modern slavery, human trafficking and exploitation principles.