Talentplicity partnership with the Pinnacle Foundation

Talentplicity has partnered up with the Pinnacle Foundation, a charity organisation that provides educational scholarships, mentoring, and opportunities for young LGBTIQ+ individuals who are marginalised or disadvantaged. The foundation was established in 2007 with the aim of providing support and guidance to young LGBTIQ+ Australians, who often face additional challenges and obstacles in pursuing their educational and career goals due to discrimination, bullying, and social stigma. 

The foundation provides scholarships to cover the costs of education, including tuition fees, textbooks, and living expenses. In addition to financial support, the Pinnacle Foundation also provides mentoring and personal development programs to help students build confidence, develop leadership skills, and gain access to professional networks. 

The Pinnacle Foundation aims to empower young LGBTIQ+ Australians by providing them with the necessary support and resources to achieve their full potential, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. By doing so, the foundation seeks to promote greater equality, social inclusion, and diversity in Australian society. 

Overall, the Pinnacle Foundation plays a vital role in supporting the education and career aspirations of young LGBTIQ+ Australians and is widely recognised for its contribution to promoting greater social justice and equality for this community.

Talentplicity is proud to be supporting Dineli, through her educational journey. Dineli was born in Sri Lanka and moved to Australia at the age of 2. Being political from an early age, she worked on various campaigns and writing to her local member of parliament, she discovered her queer identity at grassroots-level work. 

After completing her VCE in Melbourne, she pursued a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne Uni, majoring in Reproductive Physiology. This led her to pursue an honours degree in the prevention of spontaneous preterm labour with Unimelb, which further ignited her passion for Obstetrics. Although she initially considered completing a PhD in this field, Dineli discovered that she enjoyed the patient-facing aspects and the real-time impacts made through clinical medicine. As a result, she began studying for a Doctor of Medicine at UQ in 2021.

Dineli’s greatest passion lies in health equity, believing that chronic diseases are a manifestation of social discrimination and that access to safe, culturally responsive, and accepting healthcare is a basic human right. She is particularly passionate about sexual and reproductive health in this context. 

Dineli applied for the Pinnacle foundation scholarship after hearing about it through a friend. The scholarship has allowed her to take up full-time placement for the next two years and given her the opportunity to take up extracurricular volunteering, specifically in the advocacy space, serving as the current chair of the queer arm of the Australian Medical Students Association.  

Applications for the 2024 Pinnacle Scholarship program will be closing on August 31, 2024, >