Welcome to the first round-up newsletter of the year!

Hopefully, you have all had an amazing break over the Christmas and New Year period and are ready for a busy and productive year ahead. We have lots of things happening this year and I am looking forward to sharing it all with you. 

Have a great month ahead and Happy Reading! Nic. 

Up close & personal with Preetinanda Samal 

Tell us about yourself.  

I am a Mum and was born and completed my studies in India before relocating to Malaysia with my husband. We had 5 great years in Malaysia, where my son was also born before bidding farewell and relocating to Australia permanently. During my time in Malaysia, I worked as a senior test engineer but decided to take a three-year sabbatical to spend more time with my son – so far, I can say it was a good call!

After my sabbatical, I returned to the workforce as a Test Analyst at Optus before joining the team at Talentplicity (Vocus) for the past year.

Like most working mums, I love good relaxed me time. I enjoy family holidays, road trips, and camping trips. My husband is a great cook and my son, and I enjoy every meal that he prepares.

What do you do at Vocus/Talentplicity?

I will try to keep it short … 😊.

I am currently working with Vocus and with close-knit scrum teams like Salesforce, Service Now, and Wholesale Mass Market scrum teams as a Test Analyst.

On any given day you may see me:

  • Balancing the use of agile delivery concepts and test analysis tools and concepts.
  • Supporting short and long-term operational/strategic business activities through analysis, test forecasting, and sizing.
  • Working closely with the product owner, business analyst, scrum master, and development team within the program to ensure the integrity of the end-to-end solutions.

Assisting in backlog refinement, story grooming, user story development, capturing acceptance criteria, story sizing, documenting use cases, and process mapping.

Test management, Test planning, and Test execution in a nutshell.

How long have you been with Vocus/Talentplicity?

It has been just over a year since I joined Vocus/Talentplicity.

What do you love about your job?

I love the genuine spirit of cooperation, helping each other out and the eagerness to resolve conflicts, which normally isn’t seen at other co-operations. I also get to work from home 3 times a week, which is great.

What is a hobby or pastime that you enjoy?

I like painting, watercolor is my favorite medium. I had the opportunity to learn from an amazing artist/master while we were in Malaysia. Painting is like meditation to me.

I also love desserts and enjoy making/baking/cooking them for my family and friends.

What is your favourite recipe/dish?

I have a few but I can’t say no to my mum’s chicken curry or my husband’s delicious biriyani 😊

What is your favourite holiday destination?

Since we’ve been in Australia, we have not repeated a destination. This country is so vast that it always feels like there is so much more to see. When we were in Malaysia, we also frequently went to an island called Langkawi which we really enjoyed and is a must if you ever are in Malaysia.

We’ve had a facelift!

At the backend of last year, we decided that our website and logo required a bit of an update. We are now pleased to say that both the logo and website are finally up and running.

We are hoping to really start pushing our website and our services through LinkedIn so if you come across any of our posts please go ahead and like, comment and/or share with your followers.

Calling all Sydney Staff: Lunch is on us!

Picnic in the Park

Talentplicity is excited to be hosting a Picnic for Pinnacle at 12.30 pm on Wednesday, 22 February 2023, at the Pioneers Garden, Royal Botanical Gardens. The Pinnacle Foundation educates and supports young LGBTIQ+ Australians, many of whom have faced family, faith, and community rejection, to realise their full potential.

Christmas Party fun!

We had a blast!

Thank you to all those that attended our Christmas lunch. We had a great time and hope you did too!

We want to have more regular social events this year, so if you have any restaurant, cuisine or group event ideas that you would like to try out please email Marina at marina@talentplicity.com.au.