Add a Bit of Fun to Your Interviews

Add a bit of fun to your next round of Interviews with some unconventional questions! 

Next time you are hiring for a role, consider getting a little more creative in the interview process. Hiring can be a difficult process for both candidates and Hiring Managers, and we all know that as a company grows and evolves so do the employees’ requirements. 

For some hiring managers, this is the perfect time to get a little more vibrant, and fun with the interview process. Yes, you can have fun and still find a candidate that not only has the personality but also has the capabilities required to fit into the rest of your team.  

So how do we go about making an interview process a little unconventional and memorable for all parties involved while also meeting the main objective? I guess the first step would be to craft some not-so-conventional questions.  

Unconventional interview questions are like spices in a recipe – a pinch can add flair, but a heavy hand can overpower the dish. Here are our tips on mastering the art: 

  • A dash of playfulness can go a long way: A bit of humour can relax a candidate’s nerves and be a great way to unveil their personality. 
  • A Question with a purpose: Review your questions prior to the meeting and ensure they meet a specific goal like assessing adaptability or sparking a conversation – otherwise give them a miss.  
  • Be fair and Impartial: It can be nerve-racking sitting on the other side of a hiring manager, so take a moment to Judge responses for what they are intended. 
  • Avoid Discomfort: The whole aim is to challenge and gain as much insight as you can from a prospective candidate, not to make them uncomfortable.
  • A Seamless Blend: This may take some practice, but the goal of this type of interview is to keep the questions fluid and avoid abrupt shifts in tone.  


Easing into the interview 

Some great examples of ice-breaker questions, which would hopefully warm up the candidate, while also giving you a sneak peek at their personality could be:  

  1. Imagine you were stranded on a deserted island. What three items would you take with you?
  2. If you could be a fictional character for one entire day, who would it be and why?
  3. Which unexplored country is at the top of your travel Wishlist, and what draws you there?
  4. If you could choose between opting to be a superhero or a supervillain, which would you choose and why? 


Understanding cultural fit 

If you are looking for questions that could help you get a glimpse into how well the candidate might blend in and thrive with your team, you could potentially ask questions like: 

  1. How do you see work? Is it just tasks to complete or do you see it as a great way to build your social interaction as well?
  2. What gets you excited about this industry?
  3. Describe a moment when you felt like a workplace hero.
  4. Tell me about a time when a job or company culture experience made you uncomfortable.  


Venturing Beyond the Norm 

Roles that demand creative flair benefit from questions that highlight a candidate’s ability to think outside the box. 

Fun questions you can ask include: 

  1. Can you list five imaginative uses for a stapler beyond its usual function?
  2. In the realm of fictional zombies, do you lean towards the slow or fast variety? And why?
  3. Imagine orchestrating a nationwide rendition of duck, duck, goose – how would you manage it? 


A Peek into Problem-Solving Skills 

For roles reliant on analytical prowess, puzzle questions offer a window into a candidate’s problem-solving abilities and innovative thinking. 

Problem-solving questions with a twist could be: 

  1. Guess the number of cars bustling through the streets of Sydney. 
  2. Can you estimate the annual sandwich consumption across Canberra?
  3. Illustrate a method for measuring exactly 4 liters using a 3-litre and a 5-litre container. 


Exploring a Candidates Vision 

To assess a candidate’s potential impact, find out what they think about the company and the industry.   

Try asking them these types of questions: 

  1. If you were our CEO for a day, what would be your five-year roadmap for our organisation?
  2. If the roles were reversed and you were interviewing me for your position, what would you love to learn?
  3. If you had endless resources and budget, what groundbreaking innovation would you introduce to revolutionise our industry?
  4. Do you see AI impacting our industry and if so, what would that look like?  

Most importantly, just have fun, the goal really should be that you walk out of the interview having at least had a laugh. Remember, the more relaxed a candidate is, the better the insights into both their skillset and their ability to really fit into your company culture.