Top 5 things you should do before an interview

1., Get to the interview on time 

Try to arrive at the interview a few minutes early, the interviewer will appreciate the timeliness and being prompt. It also gives you a chance to gather your thoughts and go over any questions or responses you may have prepared. If you are running super late, contact the person who is interviewing you and let them know.   

2., Good Nonverbal Behaviour  

Make sure to have good eye contact with the interviewer. Make sure you have good body posture, sit upright and be open with your body posture and most importantly look interested in all the questions the interviewer may be asking.  

3., Prepare a few questions 

There may be a few questions that pop up during the interview, but as a back-up have a couple of relevant questions relating to the role, company or the industry up your sleeve. 

4., Stay calm 

Sometimes it’s easier said than done but do try to stay calm, even if this is the dream job and you really want it. If you can sense you are very nervous, have a glass of water and recenter. 

5., Review the job description

You may not have all the skills required within the job description, but you have made it to the interview process for a reason. Good on you! Now is the time to go back and review the job description and really work out what attracted you to the position in the first place. Also hone into the skills that you do have and are on the job description and be ready to elaborate on them when asked.